'As We Are' Credits

A note from the artist: As important as the result is the collaboration. Through challenges and every small victory, 'As We Are' was and still is a fantastic journey with some of the most talented individuals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. The confidence of the board combined with the exceptional teamwork from all parties made the project a true joy. 

Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority

Don Brown
Executive Director

Scott Reed
Senior Project Manager

Crista LeMaster 
Office Manager

Sally Bloomfield
Board Chairperson

Jordan Edmonds
Staff Attorney


Rhett Ricart

Maria Mercurio
Finance Director


Barbara Nicholson

John Page
General Manager

and the support of the entire Board

Maintenance Underwriting: The Columbus Foundation

Engineering and Fabrication: Design Communications Limited

Jeff Grantz
Project Lead

Tom Bergeron

Tom Saylor
Project Manager

McCandless Pierce
New Media Management

John Betsch
Lead Fabricator

and the entire engineering, build, and installation team

Contributing Companies

Reese Brothers
Art Coordination

Sansi North America
LED Screens

Paul Werth & Associates
Local Public Relations

Direct Dimensions
Imaging Software

Jamarr Threatt
3D Visualization

Gotham PR
National Public Relations

Interface Development

Dave Groff

Brian Peterson
Vinyl Graphics

Research and Branding

Alden Law
Legal Representation

Mateo Zlatar
Sound Design


Tim Rietenbach

Brittany Campbell

Bill McDonough

Michael Goodson

Daniel Julian-Norton

Julie Abijanac

Sven Travis

Duncan Snyder

Anthony Deen

Community Luminaries

Mark Hubbe

Dr. Melanie Corn

Doug Caruso

Chris Mundell

Diana Bergemann

Derek Bergemann

Jill Moorhead

Laurenn McCubbin

Marshall Shorts

Corey Favor

Katharine Moore


Justin Moodley

Sami Faour

Lubna Najjar


Special Thanks

Stephanie & the kids

Jim Reese

Thomas & Sandra Mohr

Lara & Alfredo Weeks


James Arthur

Lindsey Shapiro

Courtney Lukitsch