Pronti per un selfie in 3D? Ci pensa una scultura interattiva by Dempsey Ewan


By Sky Arte

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Quando il monumento diventa… interattivo! Per i più fortunati che trascorrono le vacanze invernali negli Stati Uniti, è imprescindibile fare tappa nello stato dell’Ohio, per sperimentare – mettendoci letteralmente la faccia – l’ultima opera dell’artista locale Matthew Mohr. Da alcune settimane, all’interno del Greater Columbus Convention Center, a Columbus, chiunque lo desideri può infatti  temporaneamente protagonista del progetto artistico As We Are.

自撮りが巨大化?ユニークなパブリックアート「As We Are」 by Dempsey Ewan


By Bouncy

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アメリカ・オハイオ州コロンバスのGreater Columbus Convention Centerに、体験型のユニークなパブリックアート「As We Are」が設置された。体験者の自撮り写真を高輝度LEDで投影して巨大な顔面像にするというもので、現地に行けば誰でも体験できるようになっているという。

Cette sculpture en forme de visage diffuse votre selfie en temps réel by Dempsey Ewan


By Victor M. for Creapills

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Et si un jour vous aviez la surprise, lors de la visite d’une exposition, de tomber sur une statue de vous ? Bon, il y a peu de chance que ce soit possible, mais ce projet créatif imaginé par Matthew Mohr se rapproche fortement de l’idée. Aux États-Unis, cet artiste a travaillé sur une œuvre baptisée “As We Are” qui consiste à afficher votre visage en temps réel sous la forme d’un selfie géant à l’aide d’une sculpture entièrement composée d’écrans.

Fotograficzna rzeźba przyszłości. 4-metrowa głowa wyświetli selfie za pomocą ekranów LED by Dempsey Ewan


By Marcin Watemborski for WP Fotoblogia

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Za projektem ”As We Are” (”Tacy, jacy jesteśmy”) stoi artysta Matthew Mohr. Jego wyjątkowa trójwymiarowa interaktywna rzeźba w kształcie ludzkiej głowy wyświetla odpowiednio zmapowane selfie. Jeśli chcielibyście zwizualizować sobie jak by wyglądała wielka statua z waszym wizerunkiem, zdecydowanie powinniście tego spróbować.

Columbus Artist Creates The Ultimate Selfie Experience by Dempsey Ewan


By Daksha Morjaria for DOGOnews

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Ever since Apple introduced the front-facing camera in 2010, selfies have become the undisputed king of social media. The incessant need to share breathtaking self-portraits on popular mobile photo services like Instagram and Snapchat has often proved to be dangerous and, in some cases, even deadly. Fortunately, that will not be the case for those using a new art installation in Columbus, Ohio, which transforms an ordinary phone selfie into a 14-feet-high 3D sculpture, which can be admired by all.

Selfies become public art in 'As We Are' by Dempsey Ewan


By Steve Dent for Engadget

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Selfies can be a small act of self-promotion, but it's nothing compared to what artist Matthew Mohr can do for you. He has built a sculpture called As We Are that projects your face onto a 14-foot high interactive sculpture at the Columbus, Ohio convention center. "It is an open-ended, conceptual piece that explores how we represent ourselves individually and collectively," Mohr said in an artist's statement. "As We Are presents Columbus as a welcoming, diverse culture where visitors and residents can engage on multiple levels."

Interactive LED Head Puts Visitors’ Faces on View in Columbus by Dempsey Ewan

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By artnet News for artnet

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The smartphone revolution has put incredibly powerful devices into the pockets of millions and millions of people, and that’s great, but it also gave birth the selfie craze. If you’re not taking photos of your own mug at least a couple of times every day you’re probably in the minority, but what if you’re a seasoned selfie snapper who really wants to take things to the next level? In that case you’re probably going to want to visit the Greater Columbus Convention Center, where a new interactive sculpture is turning the faces of everyday people into huge works of art.

The ultimate selfie machine: a 14ft interactive head displaying photos taken inside of it by Dempsey Ewan

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By Dunja Djudjic for DIY Photography

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Artist Matthew Mohr has created an interesting and unique piece of art. His project titled As We Are features a 14-foot 3D interactive human head. It was assembled from a skeleton covered with ribbons of LED screens. In its neck, there’s a photo booth where the visitors can capture 3D photos of themselves. Once they do it, the giant head displays their face, turning them into a statue.

This Interactive Installation Projects a 14-foot High Image of Your Face by Dempsey Ewan

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By Kala Barba-Court for Plain Magazine

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As We Are, an interactive installation by artist and Columbus College of Art and Design professor Matthew Mohr, is the closest some of us will get to having our faces plastered on a billboard for everyone to see. Via a program, the faces of participants are projected onto 24 horizontal ribbons of LED screens arranged to form the shape of a head. The enormous installation stands 14 feet high — an engaging and thrilling larger-than-life public art experience that addresses “”the relationship between self and representation of self, asking the subject of the portrait to reconsider presence through magnification.”

Turn yourself into as a 14-foot digital sculpture at this groundbreaking installation by Dempsey Ewan

By James Gabriel Martin for Lonely Planet

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A unique interactive installation has been unveiled in Columbus, Ohio that enables visitors to create a gigantic digital sculpture of their own heads. Created by Design Communications Limited along with local artist Matthew Mohr and The Greater Columbus Center, “As We Are”, utilizes a 32-camera 3D photo booth and 850,000 individual LEDs in order to generate a dramatic likeness of guests that get their images taken inside it. Using custom facial recognition software and a process called photogrammetry, synchronized cameras inside the structure capture a person’s portrait and custom software stitches the separate photos back together to display across the surface of the sculpture.

互動式頭型投影裝置,讓人人都成了有張14呎大臉的巨人! by Dempsey Ewan



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如果走在路上看到特大號版的自己的臉,出現在螢幕上,會是什麼樣的感受呢?藝術家 Matthew Mohr 在美國俄亥俄州的 Greater Columbus Convention Center 推出的裝置藝術 As We Are,用24排LED螢幕打造出 14 呎高的頭型螢幕雕像,雕像和儲存各腫臉孔的資料庫連線,然後緩慢的360度旋轉,變換臉孔,所以......變臉比翻書還快在這裡是不成立的(無誤)!

As We Are: Giant 3D LED Screen Head Takes Selfies to the Next Level by Dempsey Ewan

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By SA Rogers for Web Urbanist

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Seeing what your face looks like 14 feet tall and enlarged hundreds of times in a public forum might sound like a nightmare to some people, but to others, it’s a fun way to interact with other visitors at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. ‘As We Are’ is a permanent sculptural installation made of 23 ribbons of LED screens wrapping around a vaguely head-shaped base on a podium. Walk around to the back, and you’ll find the entrance to a photo booth inside.